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Get Involved with the Clinic

Become a Volunteer at the Community Clinic of High Point

There are a number of ways for you to get involved and make difference in the High Point Community. We have so many dedicated and passionated volunteers that come through our doors every week. The volunteers at the Clinic have impacted not only the lives of patients but have also helped the Clinic to grow. The Community Clinic of High Point is always thankful for the efforts of every volunteer.


We are seeking volunteers that can assist with:

  • Medical Provider (MD, PA, NP)-Volunteers must provide documentation of medical license and certificate of insurance to CCHP before seeing patients.  Volunteer medical professionals provide medical care and treatment to scheduled CCHP patients, and are supported by CCHP staff and volunteers.

  • Triage Nurse (RN, EMT, CNA, LPN)- Triage Volunteers (RN, CNA, LPN) must provide documentation of nursing certification(s).  Volunteers triage scheduled patients and assist providers with scheduled patients.  The volunteer will provide medical care and treatment to patients within the scope of their license and following clinic protocols. Volunteers will review medication with the patient, updating the patient chart as needed.

  • Eligibility- Volunteers will screen new patients to determine if the individual meets the CCHP guidelines and are therefore eligible for services.  Volunteers meet with scheduled patients and review documentation provided by patient to determine eligibility. Volunteers will then complete paperwork to establish patient record with CCHP and complete appropriate forms with the patient.   Volunteers will observe current eligibility volunteers and receive training from clinic staff.  

  • Pharmacist- Volunteer pharmacists oversee preparation and administration of all prescription medications, as well as dispensing all prescription medications for CCHP patients.  Volunteer pharmacists work with support staff and volunteers to ensure accuracy of dispensed medications and to provide education to patients as needed.  Volunteer pharmacists must hold and provide a valid and active license to practice the profession.

  • Pharmacy Technician- Volunteer will provide assistance to the pharmacist by filling medications, checking in new medication inventory, and assisting with medication distribution to patients.  Volunteers will assist Pharmacy Team as needed with inventory control and patient communication, as well as general administrative tasks, as needed.

  • Administrative and Clinical Support- Volunteers assist with general office functions including data entry and management for administrative and clinic functions, general filing, assembly of medical records, patient phone calls, and  special events.

  • Interpreter- Spanish speaking volunteers assist with eligibility, scheduling, and general communication between CCHP volunteers, staff, and patients.  Volunteer interpreters will work with CCHP’s Hispanic Services Coordinator.  

  • Medical Records Technician-  Volunteer assists staff with requests for medical records that are received from outside providers and other entities.


There are a number of ways for you to get involved and make a difference. Check out the different ways to partner with the clinic and starting having a positive impact in our community today.

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