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Our Mission

The mission of Community Clinic of High Point is to provide quality acute care and chronic disease management for eligible adults, aged 18-64, who reside in Archdale, High Point, Jamestown, and Trinity and do not qualify for any form of government or private insurance.

Our Core Values

​​At the Community Clinic of High Point, we believe that in order to better serve our community we must have:

  • Quality Care     

    • Providing quality care enables us to assist our patients with their medially needs efficiently  and with dignity.   

  • Commitment to Community

    • Having commitment to our Community allows the CCHP to care of those in our community who need medical assistance.

  • Respect       

    • Having respect for our patients allows them to be heard and treated fairly.​

  • Diversity       

    • At the CCHP we have a diverse group of patients and it is continuously growing.

  • Stewardship

    • With stewardship we embody the responsibility of planning and managing  of resources to our patients.

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